Garage Door Maintenance

Homeowners often underestimate the importance of regular garage door maintenance services. As a responsible homeowner, you need to service your garage door occasionally, just like service your car to make it functional in a long run. In this article, I will explore several facts and the importance of regular garage door maintenance that you should stress upon. All of the above it will help you to avoid costly garage door repair bills. If you don’t know where to start then consult a professional garage door expert like Pro Garage Door Indianapolis to help you.

Before coming to the garage door repair and maintenance projects, it is better to learn how the garage door works. Overhead garage door either roll up in multiple sections or swing up in a single solid piece. There are springs that are installed at the center of the garage door to counterbalance its weight. The garage door runs on metal tracks along with the walls and ceiling of the garage.

First of all, check the metal tracks, inspect the mounting brackets, and examine the sections of the garage door. During garage door services, you might need to tighten the screws, bolts, and nuts which secure the mounting brackets to the walls. The metal tracks should be inspected to find out any occurrence of crimps, dents, or flat spots. If you found any, it should be fixed using a rubber mallet. If tracks are damaged badly beyond repair, they should be replaced.

In the second stage of garage door maintenance services, you will confirm that the tracks are aligned properly. Normally, the horizontal tracks should be slightly down forward. The backward direction should be towards the back of the garage. In the case of a roll-up garage door, the vertical sections should be perpendicular. If you observed that metal tracks are not balanced properly, lose the mounting hardware which holds the brackets and then tap the tracks gently to their original position.

In the next step of garage door services, you need to clean the tracks using a mild household cleaner to remove dust, dirt, and grease. Garage door rollers need to be cleaned and lubricated. Once they are cleaned, wipe the tracks and rollers to make them dry. Afterward, you need to lubricate them. Use a powdered graphite and lubricant spray for this purpose. The next step involves tightening the loose hardware.  Make sure that springs and other moving hardware like, hinges, panels, and bearing are mounted properly.

The last step of garage door services relates to springs. You might need to shift the hook of springs to the next notch or hole in order to adjust the tension. In the roll-up garage door, the tension will be adjusted by pulling the cable through the plate of torsion springs. Remember, these are the most dangerous components of the garage doors as they hold extreme pressure. They can give you severe injuries f not handled properly. It is always recommended that hire a professional garage door repair company to adjust or replace the springs.