Garage Door Spring Systems

There are many types of commercial and residential garage doors using springs system to counterbalance the weight of the garage door.

These springs are designed to support the garage door in weight management by allowing the user to lift the heaviest garage door even by hand. If you have installed an automatic garage door with an electric opener, it comes with a motor and drives system. Garage door openers are used to give commands to the garage doors to open and close manually. There are plenty of garage door companies including Fort Worth garage door spring repair service which offer fast and reliable services.

Torsion springs are the most famous type used by 90% of manufacturers. They are mounted on a 1” shaft directly above the opening of the garage door in single or double configurations. Commonly they are mounted at the middle of the garage door but in rare cases, they are placed directly to the cable drums near the back of the bottom track.

These springs are installed using a calculation based on the height, weight of the garage door, the track configuration, cable drum size, and life cycle of the garage door. The life span of the garage door is the number of times you can open and close it before you replace the spring. These springs are available in a variety of materials from galvanized, standard oil tempered, and stainless steel which is the most famous type due to rust-prove properties. Torsion springs are dangerous which is why should be handled with care.

Another famous spring system type is torsion springs. They are generally found just above the horizontal tracks of the garage door. The springs get their lifting ability from being pulled or stretched when the garage door opens and closes. They have cable and pulleys to secure the end of the spring and the other end will be secured where the tracks are supported. This cable runs from the bottom bracket up to an upper cable around the pulleys which secured to the springs. Typically this type of garage door spring replacement can be relatively easy than torsion springs.

Hopefully, you have gained some basic knowledge and understanding of garage door torsion springs to counterbalance the garage door. Remember, garage door spring repair or replacement can be dangerous to handle without having proper expertise and tools. You should need to wear safety gloves, eye protection glasses, and repaired safety measurements. You will have to use proper tools for working on garage door springs. If you don’t feel comfortable enough while attempting garage door spring repair on your own or you are unsure of what is going on, always call a professional garage door expert to deal with your garage door.