Garage Door Springs – Efficient Operating Mechanism

Garage door springs are installed to open and close the garage door smoothly and effortlessly. There are two basic types of garage door springs, one is extension springs and the other is torsion springs. Although both types of springs are very challenging to handle the torsion springs are risky and dangerous to manage as compared to extension springs. You will need to hire the best garage door spring repair service in El Paso, Texas to deal with torsion springs.

Extension springs are ideal for lightweight garage door such as, one-piece tilt-up garage door and sectional garage door. These springs should be hung from the top of the garage door and are attached near the back section of the upper track. If you want to fix the garage door on your own, you should be very proficient and expert. However, extension springs are still challenging and risky if you are not attentive and follow the instruction provided by the manufacturer.

Torsion springs are installed on heavier garage door like, overhead sectional garage doors. These springs can be found on both sides of a garage door. A torsion spring should be installed, repair, or replaced by an experienced garage door expert. These springs have been known to cause serious injuries or even death.

Garage doors having torsion springs are a little harder to manage. They normally weigh around 500 to 700 pounds, so the torsion springs must be strong and powerful enough to lift and lower the garage door easily. The mishandling of springs can cause serious head trauma and damages when they are being adjusted or replaced.

If you have children in your home, advise them to never stand below the closing garage door. In addition to this, you should install the keypad out of the range of young kids. No matter how much you have advised the kids, they still have the curiosity to open and close the garage door. Even the well-maintained garage door springs will need to be replaced due to continuous use. In order to prevent costly repairs, it is wise to conduct regular check-ups to determine the conditions of springs. If one spring needs replacement, it is wise to replace both of them together because the other will likely be damaged soon after.

The torsion springs store a lot of tension while the garage door is closed. If springs break while the garage door is closed, it will not hurt anyone. If the spring broke while the garage door is in its opening position, it will hurt anyone around it. The durability of springs can be determined through various factors including frequency of garage door usage, maintenance level, compatibility with the garage door, and the quality of springs themselves.

Since garage door springs are a powerful and dangerous part which should be maintained properly. Make sure that you have inspected them periodically to make sure they are kept in a good working position. It will help you to prevent many accidents due to malfunctioning or broken garage door springs. Remember, if you are in need of replacing garage door torsion springs, it is wise to have professional garage door services to complete it for you.