Garage Door Springs – Some Safety Concerns

The garage door torsion spring problems can pose a security hazard. A broken spring can fly in the air and send the sharp pieces in any direction of the garage. Anyone who is inside the garage when it happened is at great risk of injuries.

Well, the roller garage door poses little danger in the case of spring breakage. These types of springs are installed over a shaft which supports the garage door up to the opened state. These shaft works like a retainer so that springs are not allowed to be ballistic. In the opposite direction, the overhead garage door works differently. Broken springs are subject to send ballistic chinks or pieces of metal flying in the air around the garage in the case of damages.

Old garage door springs can be recognized easily because the new spring has a core rod which is placed inside the coil of the spring. It is a built-in security feature because the core rod of a faulty spring will retain any piece of spring in the case of breakage. You may examine the new spring at your local hardware store. Check it thoroughly; you can easily see a core retaining a rod running along the length of the torsion spring. If your current garage door springs do not have any such core rod, it is advised to change them.

Remember that garage door spring replacement can cost around $100 to $300 depending on the type of garage door. There is an expert technique to make your perfectly good existing old spring as safe as the latest model with some 1/8 inches cable.

Before doing anything, close the garage door completely to extend the spring to its maximum state and then measure its diameter. Double the length and add two feet extra. For example, a torsion spring is extended almost 4.5 feet measures. Double it to 9 feet and then add 2 feet extra which will be 11 feet in total. It means you will need 11 feet long cable to be mounted inside the spring. You should also add a one cable clamp to your shopping list. Adjust the cable in the center of the spring and then back down outside the torsion spring to create a loop. You should also use a cable clamp to fix the ends together. It’s simple enough; you will have to create a retainer to create a shatter for the spring.

If your garage door has two springs placed on each side and add another 12 feet cable to the length and adjust it at the center of the spring and down towards the other end. It will make your garage door safer. The best and recommended way is to just to replace the springs with the latest self-retaining once.

Although it can cost up to $300 but give you long term results. Adjustment of the garage door is also necessary because the new spring will have different and advanced tension characteristics. The garage door opener will not function without the required adjustment. You will need to call a professional garage door expert to replace the springs and make necessary adjustments. It may add more cost to your bill. If you have a limited budget then by just spending a few dollars, you can make old spring much safer. You just need to spend few minutes to avoid what could be a scary accident should your old spring break and fly in the air.