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I love the ambiance here at Vickery Park Bar. I’ve been to so many restaurants already but I’ve never seen anything like this. The environment is very decent and friendly, the food is superb. It was amazing how a night bar can actually serve salad and vegan dishes. This is a restaurant for all.


This place is really a gem. I stumbled in it while I was in the city for a few days. You won’t even feel threatened as a foreigner because the crowd is very friendly. It became a regular hangout for me while I was in Milwaukee. I’ve gone there several times before retiring back to my hotel. This place instantly alleviates all the stresses of the day. This is popular not just for locals but tourists alike. In fact, when you ask the people here what’s the best hang out place, they’ll instantly tell you that Vickery Park Bar it is.


Being a tourist, I’ve already been to so many places. I have visited hangout bars in various cities and enjoyed them. But this is the first time that a bar felt like home to me. I specially met the owners here and they are very hospitable. The couple even danced with me during my first night there. They made sure that I can have lots of fun during my stay. They even introduced me to other patrons of the club. I found several who had the same interest with me and they helped me get acclimated quickly. I get to discuss with them some of the places I’ve been too and they are the same. In fact, we are already planning a trip to Asia in September. Your visit to Milwaukee is not complete without coming here.